Here are a few examples of TEAM Adventure's satisfied customers. We would be happy to provide you with a list of our recent clients and their contact information.

"I just wanted to send along a big thank you from the Syracuse Panhellenic community for hosting us at the ropes course this past weekend. All of our executive board members as well as the Recruitment Counselors had an absolute wonderful time. Although there seemed to be a lot of hesitation prior to our arrival, everyone really enjoyed the ropes course and was able to learn an ample amount whether it was about themselves or their groups. The TEAM Adventure facilitators did an outstanding job and we appreciate it more than you can imagine! Hopefully this is something that we can continue to do in future years with our Recruitment Counselors."

Laura Reginelli,  The Syracuse University Panhellenic Council

"We had a great time and everyone is still talking about our adventure.  We have a very close group that even bonded more thanks to your team.  There have been only good things said about our day and the experiences we encountered. Thanks again to the team at TEAM Adventure for everything they have done!"

Mark Weir, Vice President, Area Manufacturing Manager, Owens Illinois


"I thought the workshop was amazing!  The students did also.  We laughed most the way home then they fell asleep.  I have participated in many field trips but I must say I will be promoting TEAM Adventure to anyone who will listen.The most remarkable time of the day was watching Tareeka walk over to the platform climb up and jump, not once but twice.........amazing.  When I first met her 5 years ago she would barely speak to anyone and to take a risk, not likely.  So watching her and the other students was a powerful experience. The kids were talking about it today, so we know it made an impression on them.  They did tell our Nate that missed it " you missed the best day, it was so cool...."  they all started talking at once about their favorite part of the day but I would say overall that the zip line was the winner."

Suzanne DeTore, LeMoyne College STEP Program Teacher

"Our day with TEAM Adventure went perfectly! I loved how everything went, people interacting with different people and felt closer after!  I got rave reviews. This might become a tradition in our house! Thank you SO much! Jesse & the rippers Forever!"

Jesse Jolles - House Director - Alpha Xi Delta Sorority, Syracuse University

"For not knowing what to expect, the results were exactly what I was looking to achieve from our TEAM Adventure program. From what I saw and heard, the students all had a great time, and highly recommend coming back next year. It definitely built confidence for themselves and for working as a group. We'll see you next year."

Greg Schaffer - Moyers Corners Fire Department,  Bunk-In Coordinator

"The TEAM Adventure experience built confidence, teamwork and leadership among the Syracuse University Liberty Partnership Program participants. "

Sylvia Martinez-Deloia , Director Syracuse University LPP Program

"Tom Gardner of TEAM Adventure is knowledgeable about leadership and experiential learning and a seasoned instructor and communicator. Professional, personable and physically capable to address any training challenge, Tom adds quality and value to any training event to which he is connected."

Ronald Peckam, PE Senior Vice President, C & S Companies

"It is my pleasure as the youth minister at Most Holy Rosary Church in Syracuse to comment on the awesome team building and leadership training experience provided by TEAM Adventure.  As a youth minister of 20 years I am very much aware of the need to build community and leadership skills within a safe and God centered environment.  In looking for growth opportunities for our 11th & 12th grade leadership team I inquired about TEAM Adventure.  I was very excited to find out that not only do they provide interactive team building activities and a ropes course at a reasonable cost but the staff is grounded in a desire to share God’s love and life with others."

Rhonda Spoelstra, Youth Minister, Most Holy Rosary Church, Syracuse, NY

" I recently experienced a team/leadership-building workshop with TEAM Adventure that I truly believe would be helpful to all organizations. From the beginning, I must tell you that I know the man who owns the company, Tom Gardner, and he often operates out of the Adventure Center at my church (Liverpool Community Church). Believe me when I say, though, I would not pitch this experience had I not seen for myself how excellent it is. I went through a two-hour program designed for our women's ministry to get 18 women to communicate better with each other and to understand what it means to be a leader and a follower (often at the same time). It was an amazing experience that opened my eyes to the importance of 1) being an essential cog in the wheel 2) operating cooperatively toward a single goal 3) needing to respect the leadership of others 4) respecting the responsibilities of others. Tom teaches these lessons in a high-energy environment. You don't sit down during this workshop. He incorporates a ropes course, a climbing wall, and much more."

Nancy Fasoldt, Stars Magazine Editor, Syracuse Post Standard Newspaper

"I hired TEAM Adventure for our ropes course experience because I was told they were very professional and serious about their work. Not only did TEAM Adventure do a great job facilitating the initiatives and kept our kids safe, but they also broke down the activities into a meaningful learning experience. You cannot be too careful when the responsibility of other people's children is on your shoulders; TEAM Adventure took this role seriously while allowing us all to have a good time."

Beth Schafer, Holy Cross Church, Dewitt, NY

"We are well into the semester and things are going well. The LeMoyne group I brought out to the ropes course has already produced one weekend of shows and have another one going up tomorrow night. I know the day working with TEAM Adventure has improved theirunity and patience. Thanks."

Mark Hutchinson, LeMoyne College Performing Arts Director

"I thought the ropes course with TEAM Adventure was an amazing experience. Some of 

the activities we did together helped us learn how to work as a group. The discussions we had helped us to solve our problems as a group. Thank you to Tom and Ken for helping us be a better team."

Javon Blackmon, Huntington Junior National Honor Society 2007