About Us

TEAM Adventure is a team of Central New York professionals from counseling, education, and public service who have joined together to provide high quality adventure programming to people of all ages. We have been providing our services for 19 years.

Our Facilitator Staff

Tom Gardner

I am the founder of TEAM Adventure. My colleagues and I have a passion for helping people of all ages become their best. We believe that the best way to build synergy in a group of individuals is to have fun together. We plan adventures that challenge groups to solve problems, communicate, build trust, and exercise good leadership skills. I have over 30 years of experience in education and 20 years in adventure learning. We are absolutely committed to high standards of excellence and safety. We look forward to collaborating with your group. As a member of AEE (Association of Experiential Education) and ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) we strive to meet or exceed the standards of operation set forth by both of these professional organizations.

Tom's Qualifications: 

BS from SUNY Brockport, MS in Education from Syracuse University, ACCT Level II Certified Ropes Course Practitioner, Presenter at ACCT & AEE International Conferences , Adjunct Professor at LeMoyne College, Facility Director of The Adventure Center, Former Program Director for Adams Eden Camp Ropes Course. 

Nick Salibrici  

I am an outdoorsman!  I enjoy the outdoors on every level.  Baseball, basketball, snowboarding, hiking, canoeing, climbing, sledding…it doesn’t matter.  If I am outside I am happy. 

I am a high school teacher at the PSLA at Fowler on the West side of Syracuse. I recently completed my Masters in Outdoor Education from SUNY Cortland.  I have been involved with low and high ropes since college and am very interested in integrating Adventure Ed with Traditional Ed.  Let’s have some fun together!

Yvonne Law 

I joined Tom and his fantastic team of Adventure nuts in search of a fun hobby.  I was first introduced to the concept of a ropes course during Residential Assistant training in College.  It was here that I learned just how valuable experience on a ropes course could be for a struggling group being forced to work together.  After my first year of training I was hooked, and my friends and I started an Outing Club where we facilitated our peers interested in adventure among other outdoor activities. 

When I moved back to Syracuse, I was hoping to find something positive and active to add to my repertoire of activities.  To my surprise, it has become something that I am truly passionate about doing.  It has been an amazing journey so far-- meeting such amazing and inspiring people along the way.  I only hope that I can make this a life time of ADVENTURE!

Brian Gibbs-Griffith

I am a school counselor for The Expeditionary Learning Middle School in Syracuse. I often incorporate adventure programming in my work with my students. I earned my Level 3 - Course Manager certification from High 5 Outdoor Education company more than 5 years ago. I travel all over the northeast with Team Adventure providing community workshops informed by my background in therapy and counseling.

Xenia Becher

X is a licensed clinical social worker who works and teaches at Syracuse Univsersity School of Social Work. She has been involved in experiential education since 2001 and brings those principles to life in her practice, the classroom and in the course. Her adventurous spirit and deep appreciation of the learning process are common threads in both her personal and professional life. She learned long ago that "experience proceeds concept" before she even knew that those words were part of the incredible world of adventure. She finds joy in things coming full circle.

Erick Erickson 

Erick is the founder of Erick Erickson International and the Kick Butt Camps. Erick, and his team of professionals, specializes in leadership development for individuals, and for teams, around the world. In addition to his training and development business, Erick owns and operates a building construction and house inspection company. An avid hiker, nature enthusiast, rock climber, and your average ordinary carpenter, Erick is also the proud father of the two best kids in the Universe. Erick is also a published author and NYS certified Adirondack guide.

Donna Evans Orr

 I have taught Pre-k and Elementary children for 25 years.  I have been involved in Adventure Training since the 1980’s, and have had many opportunities to work with people ages 4 years old to 60+ years in this field.  Throughout the years I have used adventure experiences to build community in my classroom and to instill teambuilding, collaboration and cooperative problems solving strategies in my students.   My goal is to support groups to come together as a team and have fun.  In this life we do better when WE work together.

Harry Dross

I am a retired K-8 public school teacher who taught special needs students in a variety of settings for 34+ years. I focused my Masters studies in Counseling at Syracuse University in the area of Adventure Based Counseling and used adventure activities in my classroom to integrate my students with their typical peers. I have extensive experience (over 550 hrs.) as an adventure facilitator and have done team-building with diverse groups of clients from elementary school students to corporate groups.  Since retirement in 2007 I have been a lead facilitator with Team Adventure in Liverpool, NY and worked with both Erickson International and Grand Dynamics as a facilitator. I have a passion for the outdoors and enjoy running, biking, kayaking, hiking and skiing (in their respective seasons).  

Sean McMaster

Sean is a special education teacher for the Syracuse City School District. He regularly incorporates his adventure knowledge in working with his students. He has been a trained facilitator for Team Adventure for 10 years. Sean is a coach, mentor for Building Men Program, and an avid biker and hiker. 

Jimbo Talbot

Jimbo is a long time challenge course instructor who relocated to CNY from Florida 5 years ago and connected to Team Adventure almost immediately. Not only is Jimbo a skilled adventure leader he also is an amazing musician and percussionist who adds value to our organization with Drum Circles and other fun musical activities.